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Piki POS is specially designed for the retail and hospitality industries. Dependable, reliable, with high transaction throughput, and a stylish, yet rugged form factor. More than just a computer, the PiKi POS is specially designed for the point – of – sale. Blogic has engineered many features into PiKi POS such as:

  • An infinitely, motorized fitting LCD Touch Screen for high screen clarity and ergonomic positioning of the Touch Screen.
  • A specialized high performance power supply, with the extra power needed to supply most peripherals, thus reducing the need for extra power blocks.
  • Display media and messages on a DUAL screen facing the customers, ideal for advertising and promotional messages.
You can look forward to years of high quality performance because PiKi POS is perfectly built for the point – of – sale … built to last … and built to perform.

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How does Blogic achieve high performance, with reliability and long life? The patented PiKi POS design is based on more than 15 years of experience in the point – of – sale sector.
All key components are designed and built by Blogic, and only the highest grade components are used.
The PiKi POS screen are all A+ quality with a high screen brightness of at least 200cd/m. All Blogic POS systems are exhaustively tested in our automated quality lab before they are sent to you. Please compare our features.
  • Precise screen angle adjustment with the press of a button.
  • The PiKi POS is engineered for the demanding point – of – sale environment so it’s splash proof and dust proof.
  • Convenient wireless infrared keyboard reduces cable clutter.
  • Easy software installation and service with a removable hard disc drive and optional internal floppy disc and internal CD ROM
  • Bright and easy to read, 20 characters x 2 lines interval VFD Customer Display
  • Space saving, wall – mounting kit is also available for PiKi POS
  • Hardware specifications can be customized to your specific requirements
  • Options include integrated Magnetic Stripe Reader, Smart Card Reader, and 40 keyboard attachment.
  • Manufacture’s sparing level is kept to reduce absolescence

Piki POS
Piki POS is specially designed for the retail and hospitality industries. Dependable, ...

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